Project Description

Overall wellness of our team is everyone´s priority and responsibility! During the upcoming 2021 we plan to continue developing our monthly wellness activities will all personnel. Many of our activities have had to chang in form and presentation because of Covid restrictions. However, with much enthusiasm and creativity, they maintain their essence and message.

Among the themes we will be working on are: Limits and love, Relaxation techniques and self-massage, Soft skills and emotional intelligence, Hobbies, Nutrition, Exercise and fresh air, etc. When you stay with us, you will be served by a very special group of people: we are committed to the wellbeing of our clients, the wellbeing of our planet, and the wellbeing of each other. This energy and philosophy is what makes our work not only exceptional, but also a joy and a pleasure to do.

So, come and enjoy the human connection at La Sabana Hotel, Suites & Apartments. Fill your heart with positivity and love. Let us pamper you. The Oasis in the City is waiting for you and ready to serve!