Project Description

Aside from the obvious challenges involving safety, health and hygiene inside the hotel, there are also two major challenges we look into in a very careful way.  The first of these additional challenges has to do with the financial, emotional and physical health of our personnel.  We wrote about this issue in our last blog, be sure to read so you can be up to date in everything we do!  The second challenge has to do with finding a balance between Environmental Sustainability and Covid.

Our upmost priority is the safety and health of our personnel, guests and suppliers.  This guides all decisions on a day to day basis and on the design of our internal protocols.

Sustainability has always been deeply imprinted in our corporate culture.  It is undeniable that with all the situation surrounding Covid, our carbon footprint has increased.  This increment is mainly due to two areas.  The first one regarding the need to return to more potent and industrialized sanitation products.  Even though most of these products are bio-degradable, they surely have a stronger impact on the environment.  The second one arrises from the need to use disposable products for personal protection and also as consumables for our guests.

As we start to track indicators, both operational and performance ones inside our Covid Protocols, we are looking for creative ways to find this balance.  When possible, we opt for non-plastic products for residue management and Safety Seals for disinfected areas.  We also acquired re-usable personal protection products, all under accordance with guidelines from the Ministry of Health.

We firmly believe we will be able to find a balance where all can coexist: a great experience for our guests, a safe place for all, a sustainable and responsible operation leaving a better planet for the future.

Follow our blog to keep up with everything going on at La Sabana!  These are trying times, but also times filled with creativity and movement!