Project Description

All through March 6th and until June 7th, we will have the great privilege to see first hand more than 100 pieces by Pablo Picasso in San José.  The Suite Vollard collection will be visiting the Central Bank Museums located underneath the Plaza de la Cultura.

This collection is owned by the Spanish Instituto de Crédito Oficial and has visited several museums around the world.  It encompasses more than 100 engravings by Pablo Picasso, who used three different methodologies to create them.  His motifs, are what inspired him all throughout his career: the creation, the lovers, eroticism, love.

Don´t miss out!  After the exposition, stay with us in La Sabana Hotel, Suites & Apartments.  We are only minutes away from The Central Bank Museums and one block away from La Sabana Park.  Top it with our famous buffet breakfast the following morning.