Project Description

Some people say Ticos can be classified in two groups: those who go the beaches during Easter Week and those who stay in SJO to reflect and meditate on the meaning of Easter.  There is however, a third group!  Those who do not participate in religious activities, but still choose to stay and enjoy a more tranquil phase of our capital city.  If you are part of this third group, I have the perfect activity for you to enjoy Easter Week in SJO!

Starting Monday April 15thand thru Wednesday April 17th, you will be able to experiment sacred music, bronze concert and tubular organ concertslive, performed by the Municipal Band of SJO.  These concerts are freeand will be performed inside the main churches in SJO.  Among them, Catedral, Iglesia la Soledad, Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Iglesia La Merced y Parroquia La Dolorosa.

Because of their acoustic design and conception, churches are the perfect venues to enjoy music.  Take advantage of this opportunity for spiritual reflection, from a not necessarily religious point of view.  This activity is organized by City Hall, you can find a full schedule in