Project Description

Our sixth Corporate value is “We celebrate the Magic of Life!” December is definitely the most magical month of the year by far, so it´s time to celebrate! This has been a very different year from the one we envisioned at the end of 2019. The year 2020 was going to be the year when our employees would graduate from 9th grade, through our High School Diploma Program. It was also going to be the year when we were going to start our remodeling project. At the end of 2019 we finished specs and blueprints and were ready to go!!

It has been a very different year from the one we planned, but also a most edifying one! Covid helped boost up the values that already within each of us. We could witness how many values were elevated and grew exponentially! Values such as courage, flexibility, creativity and the sense of belonging to this great Apartotel Family. There is much to celebrate and be grateful for as we close 2020.

So come and enjoy all the beautiful Christmas decorations at La Sabana Hotel, Suites & Apartments. Fill your heart wit magic and celebration. Share with us the excitement of commemorating a job well and having our Corporate Values stronger than ever! The Oasis in the City is waiting for you and ready to serve!