Project Description

The Sustainable Shop at La Sabana Hotel, Suites & Apartments is not an ordinary souvenir shop.  Many of our guests marvel at the hand-crafted art found in our shop and mention not to have seen anything like it while travelling throughout Costa Rica.

It is true that all items are beautiful.  But their true beauty lies far beyond the eye.  All these items are Sustainable.  100% crafted by women, many of them from rural areas and in social and/or economic vulnerability.  All materials used are re-used, re-cycled or picked from nature with very low environmental impact.

This month, we woud like to showcase Joyería Frutal, created by Rosa Montenegro.  Rosa collects scrap fruit and creates beautiful hand painted jewelry from it. An average of 7-8 tons of scrap fruit are transformed in one year.  Be part of Sustainable Turism and Fair Trade by buying at our shop.  We can all make a difference!