Project Description

We are lucky to have once more the visit of this great composer and singer.  Jose Luis Perales brings us his concert “A Farewell Ballad” on February 29th and March 1st in the Melico Salazar Theatre.

This concert will include 35 songs.  Some are his famous songs, known by everyone, and others are songs composed by Perales for other artists.  His melodious voice always brings peace and easiness to the heart.  His lyrics evoke love and the most laudable human values.

Get inspired and fall in love!!  After the concert, stay with us in La Sabana Hotel, Suites & Apartments.  We are only minutes away from Melico Salazar Theatre and one block away from beautiful Sabana ParkEnjoy a great rest on the night of the concert and top off the experience with our famous breakfast buffet next morning.