Project Description

Ticos have yet another reason to feel oh so very fortunate, Jiménez Deredia has arrived with his Exposition to San José!  The famous and laureate Costa Rican sculptor honors us by trusting his beautiful collection of monumental pieces made of marble, bronze and iron.  If you though that Avenida Central was buzzling with life, you can´t even imagine what a metabolic jump this expo has detonated!  Don´t miss out on it, the expo will be on the streets of San José from February to July, 2019.

There would be no better time to start the Blog at Apartotel La Sabana than now.  Because coincidences don´t exist, it was meant to be that this great art event would open the way for the beginning of this section of our blog.  It is dedicated to all Cultural events happening in San José. Welcome to this space, we hope that you enjoy it and will find it helpful. We wish you can fully enjoy Culture in San José.

The stage is a beautiful summer afternoon, perfect temperature, Sabana Oak Trees in full bloom, and hundreds of Ticos attracted to the beauty of art.  The artists are monumental beings made of marble and bronze, that seem to be talking to us about the past and the future:  where we come from and what we are transforming into. Truly a window into introspection for all who visit: there are hundreds and thousands of ways for interpretation and thought.

What most struck me of the expo and it´s pieces were their universality.  How to express the beginning of an idea, the beginning of a feeling… and how it transforms and begins to evolve into something else. It is impossible not to identify with the work of Jiménez Deredia.  Just as any kind of art, there will be people who love it, others who hate it… but no one can deny that the smooth and flowing lines are a delight for the eyes. Do not miss this great experience, visit Avenida Central!