Project Description

Our world has become a rapid changing and unknown territory.  Which is the best environment for innovation!  What better time than now to throw away old beliefs and paradigms!

Unlike many in our industry, La Sabana Hotel, Suites & Apartments has fortunately continued its operation.  We are not only maintaining the excellent service we have been known to provide, but have been growing and innovating! Our guests have become more and more aware of the importance of food innocuity and hygiene, as well as traceability. For many years, La Sabana has worked on strong standardized procedures both internally and with providers.  Joining both aspects is not only natural, but necessary in order to guarantee the safety of all.

During April, we extended our lunch and dinner menu.  We also included an afternoon coffee and tea menu.  You can enjoy delicious dishes, prepared in a small scale and safe environment, under controlled processes and without the dangerous intervention of different actors in a long supply chain.

We plan to include many other new services.  One of these services consists of providing our guest of fruits, vegetables and grains from our organic provider.  These guarantees a short and secure supply chain, so you can enjoy high quality products.  In this way, we forge a win-win situation by caring for our whole community: guests, staff and providers.

Follow our blog to keep up with all the new services at La Sabana!  These are trying times, but also times filled with creativity and movement!