Project Description

As part of the 200th anniversary celebrations of Costa Rica becoming a state, we will be able to enjoy Henrrietta, The Musical. Presentations will take place from September 25th through October 10th at the Costa Rican National Theatre.

The musical was created, produced, directed and casted by all Costa Rican group of artists and professionals. It takes us through the story of Henrietta Boggs, wife of Pepe Figueres, founder of the Second Republic during the 1940’s. Henrietta’s story is unique, not only for her personal experience, but because of the international and local moment she lived and played a major role in. For more information, please visit

After the musical, stay at La Sabana Hotel, Suites & Apartments. Next morning, enjoy a delicious breakfast and a relaxing walk around beautiful Sabana Park. We are working with complete staff, operating and serving under strict hygiene and bio-safety protocols.