Project Description

More than ever, it´s busy times at La Sabana Hotel, Suites & Apartments! With enthusiastic and positive energy, we embark in a new journey.  We are actively shaping the new reality that the whole world is living under.

Our first priority is and will always be our personnel. La Sabana is a great family.  We have been working on individual family budgets in order to prepare each household for the difficult times to come.  We facilitate these budget sessions with each member of our staff in order to implement cost control and planning.  It is of great importance to secure financial and emotional stability for each and every household.  We have also coordinated vaccination of influenza for all personnel with risk factors.  We thank our friends from the Moreno Cañas Clinic for taking care of us!  They are truly silent heroes in action!

Our second priority is the establishment of hygiene and sanitary safety protocols in all areas of the hotel.  These protocols are part of a complete management system, which includes guidelines, recommended & mandatory practices, control forms and audits.  We are under constant training and revision of the system.  All personnel is dedicated to its implementation and participates in its continuous improvement.

Follow our blog to keep up with everything going on at La Sabana!  These are trying times, but also times filled with creativity and movement!