Project Description

Now is the time to create memories and have quality family time!  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Shared Story

Sitting in a circle, each member of the family takes a turn by adding a sentence to form a story, which is being created by everyone in real time!  Here are some tips to make it more interesting:

  1. Start with a hook.The first sentence must be interesting and kick start the creative juices of the group.
  2. Use pauses to work suspense and to intensify emotions
  3. Use the voices of the characters in order to introduce dialogues in first person
  4. You can use special sound effects such as music or sounds from your phone
  5. Feel free to move about the room and use body movements
  6. Maintain visual contact will all members
  7. Use scenes or funny moments from the real past of the family to incorporate into de story line.

Home Spa

This is the perfect time to find relaxation and practice selfcare! This is the perfect activity that combines cooking, relaxation and fun!

  1. Prepare your homemade face mask with warm water, oatmeal, plain yogurt, honey and egg whites.Have each member of the family apply the mask to another member.  Wait 15 minutes and then rinse.
  2. While the mask is drying, stand in a circle and give the person in front of you a neck and shoulder massage.Make sure to adjust the intensity of the massage, it should be enjoyable for all!
  3. After the facemask has been rinsed off, place a large blanket on your living room or in your back yard.Lay flat facing up and place a cucumber slice on each of your closed eyes.  Relax and listen to the sounds surrounding you for 5 minutes.

Camping at Home

Tonight, we are going camping at home!!  It doesn´t matter if you have camping gear, what matters is the time spent together!

  1. Set up your camp in your living room or backyard.If you have camping gear, great!  If not, use a large bed sheet and dinning chairs set up in a circle.  Place a blanket or comforter on the floor with plenty of pillows.
  2. For dinner, prepare sandwiches and hot cocoa.Have dinner inside your camp ground.
  3. Have each member of the family prepare a scary story to share with the others while having dinner.
  4. The members who are able to spend the entire night sleeping at the campsite win a full breakfast prepared by the members who returned to their beds in the middle of the night!

Balloon Volleyball

No athletic skills needed, so don’t worry!  You will need a balloon, a rope to mark the division of the courtside and good spirits!  There are no fixed rules, every family makes up their own depending on how competitive they are feeling!

Hidden Treasure Hunt

This one has a bit of a prep time, but part of the fun is getting the hunt ready!  This can be a weekly activity, where each member of the family takes turns hosting.

  1. Plan your route and pick 10 spots where you will plant the clues
  2. Design each clue according to the place where it will be hidden.The answer to each clue must lead to the next spot in the treasure hunt
  3. Use simple and fun poems or math calculations as part of the clues.You can also use music and sound effects
  4. Have intermediate prices to keep motivation up, such as small chocolates, back rubs, etc.

A Daily Picture

Ask every member of the family to take pictures throughout their day.  They can be part of the picture or not, but the picture must describe an activity or situation that happened during their day.  Before dinner, have them pick one of the pictures to share with the rest of the family at the table.  You can add these daily pictures to an album.  At the end of the week, you can see all pictures in a slide show, during Sunday supper.

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