Project Description

In this section, we will be sharing Sustainable Efforts and Projects in Apartotel La Sabana.  We often relate the word Sustainable to words like recycling, reforestation, cleaning campaigns, etc.  But an important part of sustainability is also the area of social development.

For our society to be sustainable, it is important for us to develop healthy and responsible connections between co-workers and members of our communities.  In Apartotel we have created horizontal leadership structures, designed to empower all our staff.  We will be taking about this in future posts.  For this structures to work and be successful, it is important to first create connections on a human level in the midst of an environment rich in trust and camaraderie.

As part of our organizational culture, we celebrate important dates, such as birthdays.  This month, we hosted our traditional birthday party. We ate a delicious lunch together, played games and sang Happy Birthday to Sylvia and Gelleer!!  May you have a long and happy life!