Project Description

Since 1981, San José has been celebrating the Annual Graciela Moreno Choreographer Festivalin the National Theater.  This year, it will take place on September 27, 28 and 29th, 2019.

Like every year, this festival brings together many different group as well as individual presentations.  It is the best place to witness innovation, creativity and performance at its best!  This year, The French Alliancewill facilitate the production of two pieces to be performed by local artists.  In this way, the festival has evolved into a great place for cultural and artistic global interchange.  What a great opportunity for our local artists!

Don´t miss out!  After each performance, stay with us in La Sabana Hotel, Suites & Apartments.  We are only minutes away from the National Theatreand one block away from beautiful Sabana Park.