Project Description

Get ready to vibrate with excitement, laugh and submerge in the world of Broadway!! The production of Cabaretwill be ready for show in May! It is the perfect combination of song, dance, choreography and performance.  The show is produced and performed by Costa Ricans and will be presented in Teatro Nacional from May 5thto 19th, 2019.

The show is based in Berlin, year 1931.  This is the time frame when the Nazi regime was growing strong in the country.  The show has a record run in Broadway and has been presented in more than 50 countries.  Besides from winning a Tony award, it is considered to be one of the iconic Broadway shows of all time.  For more information and tickets, visit

The Broadway Musical genre started to take flight in Costa Ricawith the production of the show Chicagolast year.  The show was so successful that producers had to add several additional performances in order to satisfy the demand.  It is a very diversified platform that allows many different artistic areas to develop.  Exciting times for Costa Rica!