Project Description

One of the challenges we endured during the pandemic was how to maintain unity, connection and information among the team. This is a key element if we are to move together and focused toward our company objectives, without leaving any of our core values behind.

With the arrival of the pandemic we had to reimagine how to maintain human connection, which is key to good team work. Social gatherings and team building activities had to be canceled. Also, general meetings had to be broken down into sections and performed quickly, lasting a few minutes.

We came up with different strategies to minimize the impact of this situation. One of these strategies: our monthly newsletter Boletin Sabanero! The newsletter sections include a review of last month´s KPI (Key Performance Indicators) status of our work in the CST (Certificado de Sostenibilidad Turística) program, this month´s birthdays, next month-s trainings, and a special section where we get to know better one of our team members.

So, come and enjoy the human connection at La Sabana Hotel, Suites & Apartments. Fill your heart with positivity and love. Let us pamper you. The Oasis in the City is waiting for you and ready to serve!
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