Project Description

During this month, all operation teams in Apartotel will be working on innovative ways to Manage Garbage and Residues!  Our goal is to reduce in 50% the amount of non-recyclable residues that end up in landfills.  All our departments, staring from purchasing, housekeeping, maintenance and ending in hospitality are developing creative ways to decrease residues.  We start by caring for what enters the Apartotel; and then, having it recycled, composted or reused.

We work by the 4 R´s: REJECT (we do not buy or associate with suppliers who do not sell bulk and share our philosophy), REDUCE (we choose products that generate fewer residues and enforce best practices regarding residue handling), REUSE (we encourage our suppliers to reuse containers as we do inside our own operation), RECYCLE (we separate, wash and deliver most of our residues to recycling companies and organic farms).

We have the power for change, and believe in a better world… TODAY!